General Conditions


1. ATL Logistics BV is only acting as forwarder. On all our activities and agreements these general conditions are applicable as well as the Dutch Forwarding Conditions deposited by the FENEX (Dutch organisation for forwarding and logistics) at the Registry of the Arrondissements Court in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda and Rotterdam, last version. At first request these conditions can be supplied for free.

2. As soon as an order is given it’s automatically agreed that the client accepts the quotation as well as the general conditions.

3. In case of contradictions between the Dutch Forwarding Conditions (FENEX) and ATL Logistics General Conditions the rules mentioned in ATL Logistics General Conditions are applicable.


4. The goods to be shipped are: non dangerous merchant goods properly packed. When not properly packed ATL Logistics can hold the right to refuse the shipment.

5. Orders for the transportation of Dangerous Goods should be agreed in writing in advance with all necessary information for the transportation within the framework of the DGR Regulations for Airfreight and the IMO Regulations for Oceanfreight.

6 a. Shipments should be paid in advance, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.ATL Logistics BV payment terms are 14 days after invoicedate for clients with an established and approved credit line.

6 b. Claims do not suspend the payment obligations of the invoices from ATL Logistics BV

6 c. Charges for debt collection in case the agreed payment terms are overdue are in all matters for the account of the party who pays the freight costs. The applicable interest rate starts at the day the payment terms are overdue.

7 a. All rates are in the mentioned currency at the invoice line.

7 b.Volume ratio calculations: for airfreight: 1m3=167kg; for oceanfreight: 1m3=1000kg; for roadfreight: 1m3=333kg and 1 loadingmeter (LDM)=1850kg, applicable the highest payable weight of kg, LDM or m3 per shipment will be charged.

7 c. Quoted rates are based on the information which is supplied by you. In case this information is not correct we reserve the right to adjust the rates to the actual data of that moment.

7 d. All freight rates are excluding fuel surcharge. The fuel surcharge is variable and calculated over the freightrates.

7 e. For airfreight applicable: the calculation of the total amount to be paid is based on the actual day exchange sellingrate of foreign currency increased with 2,75%.

7 f. For oceanfreight applicable: the calculation of the total amount to be paid is based on the actual vessel rate, which is supplied by the carrier.

7 g. Modifications of rates/charges which are imposed by the government and/or within our influence situation will be charged to you.

8. Costs from third parties like duties and taxes, shedhire, demurrage, detention, gas measurements, degassing, scanning or fysical control on loading and transfer costs from other forwarders will be charged to you.

9. Customs Bond deposit contribution is 3% and will be charged over duties, taxes and excise, with a minimum of Euro 7,50


10. Without written request ATL Logistics BV will not arrange transport insurance.

11. ATL Logistics BV is not liable for the discharge/clearance of customs documents.

12. Prior to carry out customs handling via the so called Direct Representation, a written authorization to ATL Logistics BV needs to be signed by a person who may legally represent the client. The performance of customs operations is based on the Customs rules for Direct Representation.

13. The client is responsible for the registration of chemicals based on REACH, Vo 1907/2006/EG and successive European legislation. ATL Logistics BV is never responsibe for any damage as a result by not fulfilling obligations from your side in respect of these and all other applicable legislation.


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